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Preschool  Pre-K Music CD Year A

Gospel Light | Preschool / Pre-K Music CD | Year A

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Every child will fall in love with the Bible when they sing and praise the Lord to these 18 high energy preschool songs! Preschool Curriculum Music #1 coordinates with Gospel Light's Preschool and Pre-K/Kindergarten Sunday School program for Year A. Not only does this CD contain printable song sheets for each song, every song is also fully reproducible—share with every parent!

Songs include:
1. Come On In!
2. God Cares About You
3. A Little Bit More
4. What Are You Gonna Do?
5. God Loved Us
6. I Will Sing
7. Kind to Everyone
8. Jesus Is Alive!
9. Hear The Word
10. In a Very Big Way
11. Let Us Love
12. I Can Talk to God
13. Love Is
14. Wave Good-Bye
15. Are You Ready?
16. Sing Praises
17. In and Out Again
18. The Wiggle Song

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  • ISBN: 9780830771363
  • Quarter: Spring (March, April, May)
  • Vendor: Gospel Light
  • Type: Music

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