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Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-4 Get Going! Worship CD | Year D

Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-4 Get Going! Worship CD | Year D

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Tired of those same old random worship songs and Sunday School choruses that everyone knows—but don’t connect to anything you taught the kids today?

Here’s help—these worship songs are written to make sense to elementary kids and to go along with the Bible themes and topics in the lessons!

Get fresh! Get Going!

Why use this CD?

  • Songs reinforce Bible truths, teach Bible verses
  • Works with younger or older elementary
  • Song suggestion in every lesson!
  • 15 songs work with all Year D curriculum

Songs include:

  • All My Heart
  • Be Strong and Courageous
  • Follow the Way Of Love
  • Following Jesus
  • God Gave
  • I Will Praise You
  • It Is Written
  • J-E-S-U-S
  • Jump, Shout!
  • Just Ask Him
  • Look To Jesus
  • Love the Lord
  • Pray!
  • Silent Night
  • Trust Anytime

Order one per classroom.

Product Details

Category: CD - Music
ISBN: 2449-1
ISBN-13: 9780830766758
Item #: 138926
Age Level: Grades 1-4


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