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TruBlessings - Age 3 Quarterly Kit - Fall 2017

TruBlessings (Age 3) Quarterly Kit - Fall

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TruBlessings guides little children to know they are made and loved by God. Children will get to know Hamilton the Hedgehog as he joins them in discovering God through His Word. Age appropriate, developmentally rich activities encourage children to grow and learn. 

TruBlessings begins in the home with the HomeFront Weekly. Families are equipped to be the primary nurturers of their children’s faith through time together in God’s Word, prayer, and blessing. Children will come into a TruBlessings classroom with an introduction to God that began at home. Because young children learn best through repetition, each portion of Scripture in TruBlessings is covered for two weeks. Activities and the way each section of The Big God Story is told vary, but the narrative and Ponder Point repeat.

Components of a TruBlessings Lesson:

  • Connect: Children engage in tactile exploration stations as they begin their time of worship.
  • Gather: Children learn about God and His Word through fun, interactive storytelling and songs.
  • Respond: Children worship and celebrate God together through music, games, and art activities.
  • Bless: Children receive a blessing for the purpose of declaring God’s protection, joy, or wisdom.  

TruBlessings is a fully digital curriculum with a one-year chronological scope and sequence.

Age Level: 3 year olds

TruBlessings Quarterly Bundle includes:

  • Quarterly Leaders Guides–13 lessons provided in both PDF and customizable Word doc formats
  • Resource Pak
    • TruBlessings Coloring sheets
    • Worship music
    • Storytelling Images
    • Discussion Questions
    • Activity enhancements: Templates and Games
    • HomeFront Weekly for each lesson

WorshipPaks for Tru available here.

The download edition for up to 100 students, which includes digital files of each product for this age level, is limited to use for less than 100 students at a single site. If you need a license for more students, please contact ministry services at 800-332-7543.

This product license is good for 13 months. After 13 months, you must purchase another license.

Notes about product download licensing:

  • Each downloaded file is intended to be used for printing classroom copies and use on a single computer or your teacher’s mobile devices only. The product’s text and artwork may not be extracted and/or reused in other materials without the express written permission of David C Cook.
  • The product is protected by copyright laws and is intended for non-commercial classroom use only. Your use is subject to the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) that accompanies the product files. Additional restrictions may apply.
  • This is a downloadable product—no physical product will ship. Downloadable products cannot be returned, sold, or relicensed. See the EULA for additional terms related to replacement files.

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