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Bible-In-Life: Adults

Bible-in-Life provides adults with a Sunday school experience that inspires them, promotes community among other adults, and challenges them to continue growing spiritually and understand Bible principles as they take on the responsibilities of marriage, raising children, being empty nesters, becoming grandparents, and mentoring others in faith.

  • Follows ISSL (International Sunday School Lectionary, a 6-year scope and sequence cycle)
  • Comprehensive Bible-based learning rather than topic-based
  • All new content every quarter
  • Free access to RealLifeDownloaded, an online resource with weekly additional content that uses current events to help connect social issues with the Bible, and then make life applications (Upper Elementary – Adult)
  • Easy-to-teach lessons full of interaction, engaging activities, and discussions
  • Encourages life application throughout the week
  • Digital take-home resources for students and families
  • Flexible and affordable for your budget At-home study and devotional resources for students


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