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Bible-In-Life: Kids

Bible-in-Life’s children’s curriculum provides kids of all ages (Toddler – Sixth Grade), a Sunday school experience filled with age-appropriate lessons that build on spiritual development to form a faith foundation for life. Kids study God’s Word together and find key themes and takeaways for everyday life.

  • Unified scope and sequence with three themes per quarter (Preschool-Early Elementary, and Elementary through High School)
  • Age-appropriate lessons build on spiritual development to form a faith foundation for life
  • Every lesson uses multiple learning styles to reach all types of learners (music, kinesthetic, auditory and tactile, verbal (expressive) 
  • Teachers have the freedom to customize and adapt lessons (from 30 minutes – 2 hours of content)
  • Flexibility within lessons to pick and choose from a variety of activities that support the Bible teaching
  • Free access to RealLifeDownloaded, an online resource with weekly additional content that uses current events to help connect social issues with the Bible, and then make life applications (Upper Elementary – Adult)
  • Noah’s Park Children’s Church correlates with the scope and sequence to pull through themes into second hour or Wednesday night programs (Preschool – Elementary)


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