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Yes, No, and Maybe: Living with the God of Immeasurably More | Wendy Pope

Yes, No, and Maybe: Living with the God of Immeasurably More | Wendy Pope

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Family. Home. Work. Church. It’s good, but is it as good as it gets?
Find more at the intersection of God’s Word and our obedience to it.

Does it feel like you’re doing everything, yet something’s still missing? In Yes, No, & Maybe, Proverbs 31 speaker, women’s ministries leader, and Bible teacher Wendy Pope shares how women can find “immeasurably more” at the intersection of God’s Word and their obedience to it. Through reading Yes, No, & Maybe, women will

  • Develop closeness to God and practice relying on His guidance
  • Learn how to trust God to reveal what’s missing in their lives
  • Figure out how to filter their own commitments and priorities

Wendy walks us through her journey and the power she found through truly studying the Bible. She teaches how to say “yes” to God, “no” to self, and to embrace the freedom “maybe” brings as women focus on the life God built for followers of Christ.

For any woman interested in

  • Doing Bible study in busy times
  • Letting the Holy Spirit’s influence increase
  • Learning to make better choices to reflect God’s image more

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About the Author

Wendy Pope is a speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries and contributes to the P31 online devotional, Encouragement for Today, which reaches over 1 million readers each day. She is the author of Trusting God for a Better Tomorrowand Wait and See and teaches thousands of women worldwide online through The One Year Chronological Bible. Pope lives with her family in North Carolina.

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ISBN-13: 9780781413565
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Page Count: 272
Age Level: Adult
Publication Date: October 1, 2018
Cover Type: Paperback


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