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The Mingling of Souls Study Guide

The Mingling of Souls Study Guide

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Matt Chandler, one of today’s leading Christian voices, helps navigate the process Solomon himself followed for Attraction, Courtship, Marriage … even Arguing. Dive deeper as Matt offers an eternal, counter-intuitive perspective on:

  • Physical Attraction
  • Dating vs. Courtship
  • Navigating the Ups and Downs of Marriage
  • The Importance and Beauty of Sex
  • How to Fight Fair

Use this study guide for notes, personal understanding, and application conversations in conjunction with The Mingling of Souls trade book and DVD series.

Product Details

Book - Paperback Trade
ISBN: 0781413095
ISBN-13: 9780781413091
Item #: 128674
Publication Date: February 1, 2015

About the Author

Matt Chandler pastors The Village Church, a multi-campus church attended by more than 13,000 people. His sermons are regularly one of the top five podcasts on iTunes. He is the author of four books including The Explicit Gospel  and To Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain. He lives in Dallas, Texas, and his greatest joy outside of Jesus is being married to Lauren and being dad to their three children, Audrey, Reid, and Norah.

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