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Foundations of Healthy Church Government with Study Guide | Tom Lane

Foundations of Healthy Church Government with Study Guide | Tom Lane

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Good people doing good things cannot overcome unhealthy church government.
The government model you choose will determine your church’s destiny. Some churches foster an environment of harmony and stability, and leaders who feel energized. Other churches are plagued by disunity, conflict, lack of growth, and leaders who feel alone and overwhelmed. How do you ensure your church is on a path to fruitful ministry?
Foundations of Healthy Church Government will help you:
  • Develop an enduring, biblical model of governance for your church
  • Replace time-wasting and internal strife with harmony and accountability
  • Avoid power struggles among leadership before they start
  • Reignite church growth and membership
  • Move your church staff and vision from confusion to unity
  • Turn a potential battleground into fertile ground for ministry

Author Bio

Tom Lane is the author of Heritage: A Father’s Influence to the Generations, Conversations with God, and Letters from a Dad to a Graduate. With his wife, Jan, he coauthored Strong Women and the Men Who Love Them. He coauthored He Still Speaks  and has written articles for Ministry Today.

Release Date: December 31, 2017

Trim 6 x 9 | Format Paperback

Retail $19.99 | ISBN 978-1-945529-30-6

Pages 224

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