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Sabbath | Bonnie Saul Wilks

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You have to stop to go forward.
Everyone is busy. The pace of life is fast. Families struggle to connect and have quality time. People are just burned out. Rest is a luxury we think we can’t afford.
However, we can’t afford not to rest.
Sabbath celebration is good for you. It is God’s gift to all men and women—not just the Jewish people.
  • The rhythm of rest allows time to breathe
  • Families learn to bless one another
  • Relationships are refreshed
  • Joy is restored.
  • Energy is renewed
Take one day to rest and see what God will do with the remaining six.
Includes seven authentic Sabbath recipes


Author Bio

After graduating from Bible school, Bonnie Saul Wilks moved to Israel where she lived on a kibbutz for two years. She learned Hebrew and grew to love the Jewish culture. She and her husband, Wayne, also lived in a Messianic, missional community in Cyprus. Bonnie has spent years studying Jewish culture and practices. She is committed to keeping the Sabbath holy. In this book, Bonnie discusses the current traditions, songs, and recipes that celebrate a time of rest and communion with family and God. 

Release Date: May 4, 2018

Trim 6 x 9 | Format Paperback

Retail $10.99 | ISBN 978-1-945529-52-8

Pages: 112

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Category: Picture Book
ISBN-13: 9781945529528
Item #: 149064
Age Level: Adult


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