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The Promise Principle Journal | Phillip Hunter

The Promise Principle Journal | Phillip Hunter

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This journal is a companion to the book, The Promise Principle. As you respond to Scriptureand apply it to your circumstances, write your responses in this journal to record what theHoly Spirit is saying to you.
Are you tired of letting circumstances rule your life and steal your peace? What does it look like to grow in spiritual maturity? Are you interested in a new technique to read and study God’s Word in a group or on your own?
Struggles with finances, health, family relationships, hopelessness, and temptation can easily rule your life. The Bible is filled with stories of people sinking in their circumstances. However, people who responded to God’s promises instead of their circumstances were known as people of faith. Faith is the choice to respond to God’s promises rather than to circumstances. The Bible is rich with God’s promises for your life! This book will guide your group to dig deeper in study and experience His promises. You will be challenged to read Scripture with a fresh approach and will learn a new way to encounter the Bible so that you may grow to spiritual maturity.

Author Bio

Phillip Hunter is an executive pastor for Gateway Church at the Southlake, Texas campus. Since graduating with a master of divinity, he has spent twenty years in full-time ministry with camps, parachurch organizations, and churches. Phillip’s passion is to see people transformed by Christ, growing in spiritual maturity, and living as God saved them to be. He married Shelly in 2005. They share a busy life with their five children: Atley, Avery, Canon, Champ, and Jubilee.

Release Date: March 23, 2017

Trim 6 x 7.5 | Format Paperback

Retail $7.99 | ISBN 978-1-945529-16-0

Pages 128


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Category: Student Books
ISBN: 1945529164
ISBN-13: 9781945529160
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