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Letters to the Church Video Series | Francis Chan

Letters to the Church Video Series | Francis Chan

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Enhance your study of Francis Chan’s latest book with the Letters to the Church Video Series. This resource includes nine 5–9-minute teaching sessions featuring Pastor Francis Chan. Designed to complement the Letters to the Church Study Guide, this series also includes access to a documentary, highlighting a collection of stories from members of We Are Church. Based in San Francisco, these members reveal what their experiences have been as they strive to live out the values of the Church as revealed in God’s Word.

Encourage and challenge one another in your small group, church, or community as you hear about these values and attributes of the body of Christ:

  • Respecting the sacred
  • Supernatural love and unity
  • Spiritual gifts for service
  • Discipleship and community

Videos can be downloaded (purchase digital option separately). The access link for the documentary is included.

Product Details

DVD ISBN: 083077646X
DVD ISBN-13:  9780830776467
DVD Item # 146437

Digital Video ISBN: 0830776478
Digital Video ISBN-13:  9780830776474
Digital Video Item # 146496
Publication Date: September 1, 2018


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About the Author 

Francis Chan is the bestselling author of Crazy LoveForgotten GodErasing HellMultiply, and You and Me Forever. He is currently a pastor of We Are Church, a house church network that is planting churches in Northern California. Francis and his wife of twenty-five years, Lisa, have seven children and one beautiful granddaughter. 

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