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13 Very Amazing Animals and How God Used Them Cover

13 Very Amazing Animals and How God Used Them

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Help kids discover the faith-building, life-changing truths tucked into the stories of 13 amazing animals God created and how God used them. They will see how God used some thirsty camels, low-flying quail, a talking donkey, and more. Along the way, kids will be assured that God knows and loves them—and is ready to use them in big ways too!

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Each session focuses on one key Bible truth. Kids will discover, think about, talk about, pray about, and apply what they learn. You’ll drive that point home through Bible exploration, fun discussions, giggle-worthy games, and oh-wow activities that engage kids in multiple ways.

Just add an adult or teenage leader to these easy-to-lead sessions to keep kids engaged, entertained, and growing in their faith. Each session is …

  • Flexible—sessions work for a couple kids, a dozen, kids, or more
  • Multi-aged—suitable for all elementary kids
  • Low-prep—using easy-to-find supplies
  • 45 minutes of fun—with time stretchers to fill an hour
  • Relational—children grow close to Jesus and each other
  • Engaging—even easily distracted kids participate, learn, and grow

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13 Very Collection

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Category: Book-Paperback Trade
ISBN-13: 9781434712547
Item #: 144592
Page Count: 112
Age Level: Ages 6 to 12 Years
Publication Date: April 1, 2018
Cover Type: Paperback


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