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God's Story for Me Bible Cover 104 Life-Shaping Bible Stories for Children

God's Story for Me Bible | 104 Life-Shaping Bible Stories for Children

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This new edition of the classic Bible storybook connects kids to God’s Word through the essential stories of faith told in simple, engaging ways they can understand—and now has a new cover and updated callouts.

God’s Story for Me Bible is packed with 104 essential Bible stories, each illustrated with inviting pictures that make God’s Word come alive.

Parents, grandparents, and teachers will be able to guide their preschool-aged children to a deeper understanding of God’s Word with interactive discussion starters that help explain why God wants us to know His story and how it connects to each child’s life. The Bible storybook also includes a presentation page for easy gift giving and fun stickers for children to personalize their books.
God’s Story for Me Bible will help children draw closer to Jesus and spark a lifelong love for the Bible.

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Book - Hardcover 
ISBN: 0830772006
ISBN-13: 9780830772001 
Item #: 143881

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