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Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-2 Kid Talk Cards | Winter Year D

Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-2 Kid Talk Cards | Winter Year D

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Kid Talk Cards are sized to fit in a standard kid’s Bible and provide kid-tested memory-builders for each lesson of Gospel Light’s Give Me Jesus Sunday School.

Each card helps teachers review the Bible story, and then to take the next step: applying the Bible truth to everyday life. The lesson object is pictured as well as the lesson's Bible verse. Activities on the cards have been designed for beginning readers and writers. Each pad contains enough Kid Talk Cards for 5 children for the quarter.

• Four-color, heavy stock
• Intriguing variety of activities
• Include Bible story review, discovery activity to help kids live out Bible truths
• Includes full Bible verse, item of the week with its connection to Bible truth

Order one for each 5 kids.
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