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Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-2 Teacher Guide | Fall Year D

Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-2 Teacher Guide | Fall Year D

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Here's the key essential to prepare and teach Give Me Jesus! elementary grades 1 & 2. You'll deliver a great experience to your students because of the clear, concise layout and downloadable lesson extras (game cards, patterns, pictures and more!) included in every teacher guide. Each session has an easy-to-follow 1-2-3 plan for teaching: Get Thinking, Get God's Word, Get Talking.

In addition, every lesson has a Big Idea (why the lesson will make a difference in kids' lives) and an Action Plan (helps the teacher focus on what kids can do in this session to apply the Big Idea to Life).

Every lesson includes teacher training tips and devotional.

Order the print edition and you'll get:
• The printed book (8 3/8" x 10 7/8") shipped from our distribution center

Order either PDF download edition and you'll get:
• The Teacher Guide PDF Edition in a single zipped file that includes the entire book in PDF format and the Lesson Extras making it easy to use on any digital device. You'll need Adobe® Reader® to open the files.
• The single-use edition is for use by one teacher. If you have more than one teacher, please order the multi-use edition.

Note: The printed edition previously included a CD-ROM with Lesson Extras to make your teaching experience even better. In place of the CD-ROM, page 3 of the guide now has an simple link to download the Lesson Extras to your computer. 

Order one per Teacher

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Category: Teacher's Guide
ISBN: 2420-1
ISBN-13: 9780830769773
Item #: 138971
Age Level: Grades 1-2


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