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I Am N

Inspiring stories of Christians facing Islamic extremists

What can we learn from these faith-filled brothers and sisters around the world? How can we pray for them? And what do their remarkable stories teach us about a God whose light shines in a dark world?

I Am N Series collection contains:

  • A book of inspiring stories of Christians facing Islamic Extremists
  • A 90-day devotional that gives insight into the lives of persecuted believers through a brief story and a guide to prayer
  • A video curriculum that presents true stories of Christians facing Islamic extremists around the world—ideal for small groups, campus ministries and churches
  • A participant's guide to the I Am N Curriculum Kit to challenges individuals to examine their lives in light of the stories of persecuted Christians.

I Am N Series supports Christians facing Islamic extremists.

I Am N

$ 16.99

I Am N Curriculum Kit

$ 49.99

I Am N Devotional

$ 14.99

I Am N Participant's Guide

$ 7.99


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