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Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-4 Large Group Classroom Kit | Spring Year B

Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-4 Large Group Classroom Kit | Spring Year B

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Have a wide age range of elementary students, and some small group leaders?

Here’s a fun, fresh take on solid Bible content that works well for a large group/small group format! Games, music, hilarious media introductions to Bible topic, great storytelling scripts! Small group and KidTalk card (in black and white) are included in every kit. Optional color KidTalk cards available.

Here are some of the key features of this course:

  • Great for a group of first through fourth graders
  • Easy to prepare and lead 
  • Fun, involving media and music 
  • Good helps to make your small group leaders shine! 

And here's what comes in the Large Group kit:

  • Leader's Guide with CD-ROM (Printables: Large Group Guide,  Small Group Guides, Reproducible Kid Talk Cards in black & white, Reproducible Family Fridge Fun in black & white, Family Event Plan)
  • Get Going! Worship Music CD  with 6 Audio songs for the quarter 
  • Mix It Up! Media DVD includes 6 music lyric videos, 13 skit video clips PLUS 13 PowerPoint visuals  

Scope & Sequence for Spring B:

  • Theme: Jesus' Power
  • Bible Passages: Luke 
  • Bible Stories: Jesus' Life, His teachings, His death and resurrection

Order one per classroom.

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