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Encounter | The Magazine | Spring 2019

Encounter | The Magazine | Spring 2019

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This weekly magazine for teens is graphically appealing, culturally relevant, and biblically centered. Articles about, for, and by teens make it easy to reflect on the week’s lesson.

Order 1 set for every 5 students.

This spring, teens will read about and discuss:
What to Know Before You Date

  • The Definition of Love
  • The Necessity of Respect
  • The Call to Purity
  • The Process of Preparation

Famous Men of the Bible

  • David—Confident in God
  • Thomas—Overcoming Doubt
  • Daniel—Devoted to the Lord
  • Abraham—Unshaken Faith
  • Solomon—Wisdom From Above

Dispelling Myths

  • No Death?
  • No Rules?
  • No Consequences?
  • No Responsibility?

Series Description:

Every week, Encounter™ teen Sunday school curriculum challenges students with an engaging topical Bible study that helps them understand God, the Bible, doctrine, or a biblical worldview. Students experience lessons in ways that fit their learning styles—hands-on activities like drama, art, and games, as well as intellectually engaging small group discussions, research, and reporting.

Students explore what it means to encounter God in their everyday lives. Encounter™—The Magazine (take-home) reminds students of how the lesson fits into their lives with engaging articles, stories, and daily lesson-related devotions.

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Category: Take Home Papers
ISBN: 6274-3
ISBN-13: 9780784740057
Item #: 140062
Age Level: Grades 9-12


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