Download these free lessons, activities, devotions, books, and more and share the gift of hope and encouragement to the ones you've been called to serve. And when you have a moment in the midst of this chaos, be sure to read this article about how the church can continue to work towards our mission with boldness and faith.

Sunday School Lessons & Resources

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God Takes our Worries Covid-19 lesson for Kids church leaders

God Takes our Worries Sunday School Lesson

With so much to worry about—and rising concern over COVID-19—use this lesson to help kids trust God with ALL their worries.

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God is Stronger Than My Fear Sunday School Lesson

Let's teach children that they can trust God with their fears—no matter how big or small those fears are.

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Bible memory verses for kids

Download this guide on Short Bible Verses. With 1 verse from every book, kids will learn to hide God’s Word in their hearts!

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I Can Help Others - Sunday School Lesson

Teach kids that serving others, even while in this pandemic crisis, helps calm us and give us comfort despite our own difficulties.

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Church & Ministry Leader Resources

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Church Re-Entry Roadmap

There’s so much that we need to explore while planning re-entry after COVID-19. It can feel daunting. And that’s why we at David C Cook have created this guide.

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Ministry Leaders on Church After the Coronavirus

Churches are exploring different possibilities as they look at reopening. Check out what they're saying.

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Reopening your Children's Ministry

When your church opens, your children's ministry opens too, so reassure your families that you are with them!

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A Pastor's Playbook for Virtual Ministry

Grab this guide filled to help you navigate this time of virtual ministry.

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Kids Activities 

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The Action Bible Coloring Pages

Download ten pages from the Action Bible Coloring Book for Free!

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The Action Bible Read Aloud Videos

Kid's can listen and watch as the exciting stories from The Action Bible come to life!

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The Lord's Prayer Coloring Book

Download this free coloring book with 16 coloring pages that teach kids to pray!

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Summer Fun Packs

This exciting action bible pack includes a digital story, coloring page, crossword puzzle, and more!

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Family & home resources

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Family Prayer Walk Guide

Use the extra family time to walk out your worries and show children how to trust God.

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8 Free At-Home Lessons

Discover and study the attributes of God together, with your children!

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Bible Lessons Parents Can Do at Home!

Help kids discover the faith-building, life-changing love of Jesus tucked into 13 stories of Jesus’s famous friends and how He loved them.

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Scripture Doodle Coloring Book Devotional

This beautiful book invites readers to draw closer to God through their own art.

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Resources for adults

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  • Bible studies

Spiritual Parenting eBook

Dr. Michelle Anthony shares practical examples and biblical insight on the spiritual role of parenting.

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30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents

Take the challenge to Praise God twenty minutes a day for 30 days and discover why nothing builds strong families like praising God.

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Online Bible Study for Women

Learn how to wait well by studying the lives of Joseph, Moses, David, Nehemiah, Abraham and Sarah, and Noah

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Devotions for Encouragement

Spend your devotion time being encouraged and challenged by this devotional series by author Tracie Miles

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Free ebooks

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  • encouragment

Prayer 101 - Warren Weirsbe

Dr. Warren Wiersbe addresses our deepest questions about prayer and gives us practical tools for incorporating prayer into our lives.

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Unsinkable Faith - Tracie Miles

God filled strategies to transform the way think, feel, and live!

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Thriving in Babylon - Larry Osborne

Why hope, humility, and wisdom matter in a Godless culture.

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Our faith communities have known for centuries the unifying power of corporate song. Let’s remind the world of the healing power of music.

Whether you are full of faith, of little faith or of no faith, we’re encouraging people to raise their voices between 8am and 10am everyday. Let’s #SingInTheStorm!


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