Resources for You and Your Church Communities

We want to ensure that you and your ministries can continue to serve your families, friends, and communities during this time, so we've compiled a list of helpful resources that will bring hope and encouragement to your home and to those around you.



Get any of these free eBooks, devotions, and coloring pages! To help keep you encouraged and your kids occupied with quality content, you can download any or all of these materials at no cost.

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Download these FREE The Action Bible Coloring Pages and watch as kids create their own Bible masterpieces while engaging in devotional material about each of the characters. Includes 10 coloring pages from the Action Bible Coloring Book.

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Use these eight creative ideas for praying with your family to help bring peace, comfort, and guidance to your family and the families in your church during this unprecedented—and often stressful—time.

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This six-session women's bible study from Wendy Pope is all about learning how to wait well by studying the lives of Joseph, Moses, David, Nehemiah, Abraham and Sarah, and Noah. Great to do on your own, or as an online small group study!


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With so much to worry about—and rising concern over COVID-19—use this lesson, "God Takes our Worries" to help kids trust God with ALL their worries.


The lesson includes student resources and coronavirus materials. Please take the liberty to use this in your live-streams and recordings. You can also distribute the materials to the families in your ministry for at-home study.


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Grab this FREE book with 13 lessons that help kids discover the faith-building, life-changing love of Jesus tucked into 13 stories of Jesus’s famous friends and how He loved them.


Once you download the PDF, share it with the parents in your ministry! They can use this resource in the coming weeks to remind kids that Jesus is with them.

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As coronavirus spreads around the world, the church needs to continue to work towards our mission with both boldness and faith.
Check out this article that gives practical advice about how to control our fear and how to be The Church of the Brave in the Day of Fear.



Our faith communities have known for centuries the unifying power of corporate song. Let’s remind the world of the healing power of music.

Whether you are full of faith, of little faith or of no faith, we’re encouraging people to raise their voices between 8am and 10am everyday. Let’s #SingInTheStorm!


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