About Echoes

Scope & Sequence

Echoes Sunday School Curricula (Literature) is one of the most widely used resources in the African American Church today and has been for over 25 years. A derivative of Bible-in-Life curricula, Echoes is reaching many denominations and churches.

Churches looking to grow as a family will testify that these resources are relevant, biblically sound, applicable to everyday living situations and contain culturally relevant topics and African American imagery for all age levels, Toddler through Adult.

Echoes has a 4-step lesson plan

1. Connect (Life Need)

2. Teach (Bible Learning)

3. Equip (Bible Application)

4. Apply (Life Response)

“The Echoes Sunday school material has been a vital part of my formation and education since my youth and it continues to be my literature of choice. I am delighted to say that now a new generation of Christians are being nurtured by Echoes at the church. While serving as pastor in Michigan, Virginia, and Colorado Springs, Echoes proved to be accessible, insightful and invaluable. Now in Pennsylvania, I am blessed to be attending a church where Echoes is the chosen literature.”
Rev. Dr. Clarence W. Davis Former Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church


  • Easy to use four-step lessons
  • Unified themes
  • Teacher Guides include Bible Extra’s
  • Theologically accurate lessons
  • Age-appropriate lessons
  • Emphasis on Scripture memory
  • Bible Application encouraged at all age levels
  • Free weekly downloads – RealLifeDownloaded
  • Quarterly Black History Feature
  • Adult Lessons follow ISSL Format


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