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A Treacherous Mix | Kathy Herman | Ozark Mountain Trilogy

A Treacherous Mix | Kathy Herman | Ozark Mountain Trilogy

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When twenty-four-year-old Hawk Cummings wakes up by Beaver Lake at sunset, all he remembers is a dream about a spider that spewed venom. Then he realizes that Kennedy—the young woman he broke every vow to have an affair with—is gone. He rushes to her house only to find it empty. No furniture. No pictures. No sign that anyone lived there.
Ashamed and confused, Hawk decides not to report anything to the sheriff. Then Hawk realizes that someone else in town knows what happened to his lover. He begins to fear for Kennedy’s life—and his own.

Product Details:

ISBN: 9780781408059

Type: Paperback

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.25in

Page Count: 384


Suspense novelist Kathy Herman has written more than twenty novels—including Not by Sight, the Sophie Trace trilogy, and Secrets of Roux River Bayou Series—since retiring from her family's Christian retail store in Tyler, Texas. She and her late husband, Paul, have three grown children. Herman lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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