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The Action Bible Curriculum | Print Quarterly Kit Q1

The Action Bible Curriculum | Print Quarterly Kit Q1

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Based on the best-selling Action Bible®, this brand-new curriculum challenges preteens to take the leap from Bible information to life transformation. The Action Bible Curriculum is designed with the understanding that preteens are seeking spiritual answers and developing their own value system. Preteens will explore Scripture, ask questions, build relationships and connect timeless truth to their life today.

The action begins in Quarter 1 with creation, the fall, Cain and Able, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus. See how God moved in the lives of His people and what He is doing in our lives today.

Key Program Details:

  • For preteens ages 9—12 (grades 4, 5, 6)
  • Flexible format (Classroom or Large Group/Small Group)
  • 2-year scope and sequence through the Old and New Testaments—each year is chronological
  • 60-90 minutes per lesson
  • 13 exclusive videos on DVD

Kit includes: 2 Leader Guides, 5 Student Books, and 13 Videos on DVD

Scope and Sequence

Product Details

Category: Kit or Set of products
ISBN: 1156-1
ISBN-13: 9781434711694
Item #: 143914
Age Level: Grades 6-8

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Curriculum

My 4th graders love this curriculum and so do I. The suggested dialogue for the teachers is appropriate and useful. The DVDs mirror the Action Bible and keep the boys attention. There are 4 lesson options that bring the bible study lesson home. You could have the craft option in one circle and the science option in another if you have a big class. The science options are real science and the materials are every day items. One child gave his heart to Jesus after the first lesson. I am so thankful this curriculum came along and can't wait for the next quarter!


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