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Brave The Wild VBS

Brave The Wild VBS

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Brave the Wild VBS invites kids to join the adventure of believing God's promises! Each day kids will see what happened when a Bible hero trusted God to keep His promises.

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  • Abraham BELIEVED God's Promise
  • Isaac WAITED for God's Promise
  • Jacob RECEIVED God's Promise
  • Jesus IS God's Promise
  • Jospeh BRAVED God's Promise

Your kids will learn the theme verse Psalm 145:13 by heart and count of God to always keep His promises. They will discover that when they choose to believe God's promises, they're in for the adventure of a lifetime!

This VBS kit includes physical resources and a USB drive loaded with files:

  • The Director's Guide contains everything you need to plan a successful program, recruit and train volunteers, publicize VBS, host a great closing program, and reconnect with families after VBS.
  • Leader's Guides (Elementary and Preschool PDFs) provide all the information your volunteers need for their roles. Each guide includes an overview of each day's Bible content, easy-to-follow directions, and discussion questions.
  • Brave the Wild songs (MP3) with sheet music and vocal lead sheets with chords (PDF).
  • Song Lyric and Bible Memory Power Point slides.
  • Music Videos with easy-to-learn motions (MP4). Check out the trailer below!
  • Opening & Closing Video Episodes with characters kids love and action that will keep kids in their seats (MP4)!
  • Media Files that include training resources, marketing tools, a decorating guide (PDF), and complete clip art collection (PSD, JPG, AI, etc.).
  • Student Resources, including Parent Guides, to help remind kids they can believe God's promises!

The USB files offer ultimate flexibility to manage, share, and utilize your VBS content. You can hand volunteers printed guides or e-mail PDF's, so they can use whichever format feels most comfortable. This kit is fully reproducible and scalable to fit any size church budget. 


  • Format Mixed Media
  • Retail $129.99US | ISBN 978-0-8307-7730-3
  • Category Religion/Christian Education/Children & Youth
  • Pub Date December 1, 2018
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