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The David C Cook Journey through the Bible by V. Gilbert Beers

David C. Cook Journey through the Bible

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Now You Can Journey through the Bible from Your Living Room Chair!

The David C. Cook Journey through the Bible is a unique resource that approaches the Bible story by story. In these pages you will discover around 250 of your favorite Bible stories presented with background information in word and picture. This storehouse of authentic material includes these features:

  • over 400 colorful pages of photographs, drawings, maps, and charts
  • more than 100 drawings from objects or monuments of Bible times,
  • over 200 photographs of Bible lands today,
  • photographs of more than 50 archaeological discoveries,
  • scores of reconstructions and diagrams,
  • and dozens of colorful maps.

This easy-to-read, visual exploration of the Bible allows you to follow the action from Genesis to Revelation. The stories of Scripture will come alive as you travel story-by-story through Bible lands and times. You will discover how ancient people really lived—the foods they ate, the homes they lived in, the clothes they wore, the work they performed. Every library, home, church, and school will want this complete reference work on its shelves. It will enrich Sunday School lesson preparation, Bible storytelling, family devotions, and Bible study. The David C. Cook Journey through the Bible is unparalleled as a user-friendly resource!

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Book - Hardcover cloth 416 pages
Series: V. Gilbert Beers
ISBN: 156476480X
ISBN-13: 9781564764805
Item #: 59535

About the Author

V. Gilbert Beers (Th.D., PhD.) has spent a lifetime encouraging readers to delight in the Scriptures through his over 140 books, ranging from children's Bibles to reference works. The David C. Cook Journey through the Bible is the product of nine visits to the Holy Land, including a research trip to take photographs for this work. Dr. Beers has been happily married for 53 years and is the father of five grown children. Dr. Beer is also the grandfather of eleven!

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