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Gospel Light | Elem Large Group GR 1-4 Mix it Up! DVD | Fall Year B

Gospel Light | Elem Large Group GR 1-4 Mix it Up! DVD | Fall Year B

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Need 1 per classroom.


Use the More Jesus! Large/Small group program with this DVD. This DVD is filled with great stuff! There is one kid-appealing video clip for each lesson (something fun and different every time! Game shows, contests, funny skits, etc.), six music videos for kids to sing and move along with, and a PowerPoint for every lesson. It’s a simple source for great media that sets YOU up to tell the Bible story and engage kids in during Large Group time!

DVD Features:
• 6 Music videos for high-energy worship that puts God’s Word into kids!
• 13 Thought-provoking skits, games and more
• 13 PowerPoint files—one for each lesson
• DVD is easy to use in a player or computer
• Video content provided by the hilarious people at Digital Felt
• DVD includes a brief video to inspire every teacher

Order one per large group class.
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