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God's Story for Me Bible Storybook

God's Story for Me Bible Storybook

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Over 100 stories, designed for younger children with kid-friendly art, a conclusion/connection to child’s life in every story. The Bible—just for little kids! Help your little ones fall in love with God's Word! Simply told stories, fun illustrations with accurate skin colors and a connection circle at the end of each story to read aloud (which makes you sound wise)!

  • Great bedtime snuggle reading
  • Engages kids’ imaginations
  • Perfect for small hands 
  • Early readers love reading it aloud!

The PERFECT GIFT for parents, teachers and grandparents to give—includes colorful stickers for parents to help kids add.

Order one per child or family

There is a newer edition of this book, see God's Story for Me Bible

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Book - Hardcover 
ISBN: 0830748121
ISBN-13: 9780830748129
Item #: 139592


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