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Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-2 Teacher's Classroom Kit | Spring Year D

Gospel Light | Elementary GR 1-2 Teacher's Classroom Kit | Spring Year D

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Teach a class of ten or fewer? Then the Elementary Classroom Kit for grades 1 & 2 is for you! You'll love the teaching materials for the class and a bonus page of fun family stuff to take home each week! Full of fresh, engaging ways to help younger elementary kids understand Bible truth and apply it to their lives, right here, right now!

Look at these features:
• Kit contains enough material for one teacher and ten kids
• Engaging for kids with fun activities that help them think and talk about the Bible
• Kids will create and play while learning ways live out Bible truth
• Bible Teaching Posters provide an awesome visual to discuss with every story
• The Get Going! Worship CD (included) is reproducible—be the music hero! Make a copy for each kid—and yes, the CD IS reproducible!

And here's what you get in the kit:
• Teacher guide
• Family Fridge Fun Takes Home (two packs, enough for 10 kids)
• Kid Talk Cards student discussion guides (two packs, enough for 10 kids)
• Bible Teaching Poster Pack
• Get Going! Worship CD—REPRODUCIBLE!

Scope & Sequence for Spring D:
  • Theme: The Word Spreads
  • Bible Passages: Acts, Philemon
  • Bible Stories: Paul and the early Church

Order one per classroom

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Category: Classroom Kit
ISBN: 2426-3
ISBN-13: 9780830770052
Item #: 138993
Age Level: Grades 1-2

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