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Kid's Bible Challenge Game

Kid's Bible Challenge Game

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OBJECT: To be the first Player or team to move from Genesis (start) to Revelation (finish),

CONTENTS: 100 trivia cards that are divided into 6 categories.

Each Category is represented by a color/symbol:

Orange / Tablets = 0ld Testament

Green / Cross = New Testament

Red / City = Places

Yellow / Rainbow = Objects and Events

Brown / 123 = Numbers

Blue / ? = General

- 4 colored player markers, a 6-sided die, playing board and travel box,

PLAYERS: 2-4 players or teams are recommended, ages 6 to 12,

TO PLAY: Before beginning play, we suggest that an adult read the instructions to the children.

  1. Stand the box of trivia cards up in the space provided in the board and travel box.
  2. Roll the 6-sided die to determine who goes first, highest number starts,
  3. The first player or team rolls the die and advances that number of spaces and answers the trivia question for the category that they have advanced to. If the answer given is correct, they may continue their turn by rolling the die and answering the next question. If the answer given is incorrect, they stay on the square indicated by the roll of the die until their next roll of the die. Their turn is over and play moves to the left.
  4. Play continues in a similar fashion until a player or team reaches the finish.


  1. For quicker play, set a time limit (ex. 30 seconds) for an answer to be given.
  2. For individualized team play, take turns having one player for each team give the answer to the trivia question (no conference between) team players).
  3. For longer play, a team or player may not roll the die and advance until they have correctly answered a question in the category indicated by the square they are currently on.
  4. For more challenging play, substitute Pocket Edition Bible Challenge cards (ages 12 and up) for the cards included in this game. Or, by using both card sets, older children and adults can play along for Great Family Fun!

About the Author

Taken from "Kid's Bible Challenge Game Parenting Guide," Chariot Victor Publishing, A Division of Cook Communications Ministries, ¬1994. All rights reserved.

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