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TruWonder Kindergarten Classroom Edition Quarterly Kit (25-50 Students) - Fall 2018

TruWonder Kindergarten Classroom Edition Quarterly Kit (25-50 Students) - Fall 2018

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TruWonder Classroom Edition for Kindergarten encourages children to experience the awesome wonder of God. Building on the importance of relationships, children will explore the Bible together. Developmentally rich activities encourage children to participate together and build traditions. TruWonder creates opportunities for creative worship response in every lesson.

Like all Tru lessons, TruWonder begins in the home with the HomeFront Weekly. Families are equipped to be the primary nurturers of their children’s faith through time together in God’s Word, prayer, and blessing. Children will come into a TruWonder classroom ready to continue conversations about God that began at home.

Components of a TruWonder Classroom Edition Lesson:

  • Connect: Children will develop relationships with their leaders and one another, building the faith community through activities and conversation starters. 
  • Gather: Children will experience and learn about God through games, storytelling from The Big God Story, prayer and discussion.
  • Respond: Children reflect on what the Holy Spirit is teaching them and respond to God through creative activities and games. 
  • Bless: Children receive a blessing for the purpose of declaring God’s protection, joy, or wisdom.

TruWonder Classroom Edition is a digital curriculum with a 3 year scope and sequence.

Age Level: Kindergarten for this classroom edition

TruWonder Quarterly Bundle includes:

  • Quarterly Leaders Guides–13 lessons provided in both PDF and customizable Word doc formats
  • Resource Pak
    • Welcome Song pieces for GATHER game
    • Remember Verse cards and images
    • Small Group Enhancements (pictures, discussion questions, and timeline)
    • Wonder Question Strips
    • Storytelling Videos (3 per quarter)
    • Storytelling Images
    • Discussion Questions
    • Supplemental Activities: Maps, Game cards, Connect Questions, Response pieces
    • Remember & Celebrate lessons: Recipe Cards and Parent Invitations, Festival Banners, Ponder Point Banners
    • HomeFront Weekly for each lesson

WorshipPaks for Tru available here.

The download edition for 25-50 students, which includes digital files of each product for this age level, is limited to use for up to 50 students at a single site. If you need a license for more students, please contact ministry services at 800-332-7543.

This product license is good for 13 months. After 13 months, you must purchase another license.

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