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Make Your Mark | Gateway Women

Make Your Mark | Gateway Women

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Forty days of devotionals written by women who want to discover how to live a life that impacts those around them. Can be used by individuals or in small-group studies.

Whatever your gifts, passions, or stage of life, you can make a mark on people around you. Don’t wait for what will be. Instead, begin now. God wants to use you in your everyday life to bless others.
Pastor Debbie Morris writes in the introduction: “If you have asked Jesus into your heart, you are accepted. Your quest to make a mark is not to find significance. You have significance. You are loved. You are highly favored. You are known by God. You are special.”


Gateway Women contributors include: Hannah Etsebeth, Samantha Golden, Jan Greenwood, Lynda Grove, Sandy Jobe, Stephanie Kelsey, Dorothy Newton, Adana Wilson, Marsia Van Wormer, and Lorena Valle.

Release Date: May 12, 2017

Trim 5 x 7 | Format Paperback

Retail $9.99 | ISBN 978-1-945529-28-3

Pages 224


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Category: Devotional
ISBN-13: 9781945529283
Item #: 149055
Age Level: Adult


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