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Seeing Through the Fog by Ed Dobson

Seeing through the Fog

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“It’s not about how long I have left to live. It’s about how I spend the time I do have.” -Ed Dobson

When doctors told Ed Dobson that he only had two to five years left to live, at first he lost hope. But thanks to friends and family, he soon found himself on a path filled with new discoveries, fresh insights into his faith and the revelation that truly, “it ain’t over till it’s over.”

Ten years later, Ed still lives to tell his story. In The Final Chapter, he shares the lessons he has learned. His touching story and words of wisdom will inspire you to seize the day-and make the most of every moment of life you still have left.

About the Author

Ed Dobson, pastor emeritus of Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, serves as an advisory editor for Christianity Today and consulting editor for Leadership. He holds an earned doctorate from the University of Virginia, was named "Pastor of the Year" by Moody Bible Institute, and is author of numerous books including The Year of Living Like Jesus, and Prayers and Promises When Facing a Life-Threatening Illness. He moved to the United States in 1964 from northern Ireland and now lives with his family in Grand Rapids.

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Category: Book-Hardcover Jacketed
ISBN-13: 9780781405553
Item #: 107192
Page Count: 176
Age Level: Adult
Publication Date: October 1, 2012
Cover Type: Hardback


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