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Triple Dog Dare (Devotions) by Jeremy V. Jones

Triple Dog Dare

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This devotional inspires boys' hearts toward godly characteristics such as integrity, honesty, and generosity. Boys 9 to 12 will find the truths relevant and the challenges compelling, engaging, and hands-on. And parents appreciate watching Christ-like traits emerge as each dare is undertaken.

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Book - Paperback Trade
ISBN: 0781404576
ISBN-13: 9780781404570
Item #: 107069
Publication Date: October 1, 2011

About the Author

An award-winning journalist, Jeremy V. Jones is the author of numerous books, including Triple Dog Dare. Jeremy was the senior associate editor of Breakaway magazine for ten years and currently contributes to magazines such as Thriving Family, Clubhouse, and Christianity Today. Jeremy lives with his wife and their two children in Colorado.

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