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A Woman of Worship Bible Study by Dee Brestin

A Woman of Worship - Bible Study

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God Created YOU to be A Woman of Worship!

In this dynamic study on the Psalms, Dee Brestin, renowned Bible teacher and bestselling author, guides you through 10, in-depth lessons that will teach you to worship out of your heart's need just as the psalmist David did. Thought-provoking questions will inspire you to be open and honest before God.

You'll be challenged to share your deepest personal sorrows, concerns and fears with your Heavenly Father. The music CD, featuring Integrity songs such as Shout to the Lord and I Was Made to Praise You, will help you easily memorize the Psalms you'll be studying. Let A woman of worship take you to new levels of intimacy with god.

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Book - Paperback Trade
Series: Dee Brestins Series
ISBN: 0781443350  
ISBN-13: 9780781443357
Item #: 104584
Case Quantity: 50
Publication Date: November 11, 2005

About the Author

Dee Brestin is a bestselling author and international speaker who longs to make the Word clear to today's woman. On her website, you can see videos of her speaking, find out if she is speaking near you, discover her favorite books and movies, and join her webfriends. Dee lost her husband, Steve, to cancer but is so thankful for the love they shared and for their five children, who all love Jesus.

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