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Encounter | High School Student Book | Spring 2019

Encounter | High School Student Book | Spring 2019

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Allow your teens to fully participate in Bible study with case studies, discussion questions, self-evaluations, and more!

Order 1 per student.

This spring, teens will read about and discuss:

Dating, Courtship, and Marriage

  • Relationship Wisdom
  • Relationships of Respect
  • Relationships of Purity
  • Relationships that Last

Famous Men of the Bible

  • Elijah—Courage to Stand
  • Cleopas—Finding Hope
  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego—Loyal Believers
  • Joshua and Caleb—Trusting God
  • Jonah—Roadblocks to Forgiveness

Dispelling Myths

  • No Death?
  • No Rules?
  • No Consequences?
  • No Responsibility?

Series Description:

Every week, Encounter™ teen Sunday school curriculum challenges students with an engaging topical Bible study that helps them understand God, the Bible, doctrine, or a biblical worldview. Students experience lessons in ways that fit their learning styles—hands-on activities like drama, art, and games, as well as intellectually engaging small group discussions, research, and reporting.

Simple 4-step lessons with clear objectives and tips for incorporating video and music help make teaching easy. Teens explore what it means to encounter God in their everyday lives. Individual resources such as student books and Encounter™—the Magazine (take-home) remind students of Bible truths and help them apply those truths to their personal circumstances.

Each week’s lesson follows 4 easy steps:

  • Setting the Stage—students define the week’s topic
  • Searching the Word—students get into the Bible
  • Making It Real—students learn how the topic applies to their world
  • Living It Out—students apply the week’s topic to their personal lives

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Category: Student Books
ISBN-13: 9780784740040
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Age Level: Grades 9-12


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