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Biblical Choices - 6th Grade Student Pack

Biblical Choices - 6th Grade Student Pack

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Series Description

Administrators and teachers can be confident in Biblical Choices to integrate intentional, comprehensive Bible learning with an educational focus including systematic Bible study, tests, and assessments that complement the other subjects taught in the classroom.


In addition, each lesson provides:

  • creative, fun Bible memory techniques integrated into each lesson
  • age-appropriate activities and engaging game ideas

Great for Christian School and Homeschool. View the Scope & Sequence here.



In Sixth Grade, students learn about The God of Eternity and the following values: forgiveness, setting priorities, service, witnessing, holiness, and encouraging others.

Each Student Pack includes:

  • 1 Student Book, featuring:
    • Two-color, perforated pages
    • Coloring, drawing, writing, recall, and recognition components
  • 1 Activity Pad, featuring:
    • Full-color, tear-off pages to take home
    • Drawing, playing games, puzzles, and activities to involve parents with the Bible Students formulate their own Bible-based value system anchored in the values Jesus taught.


Order the print edition, and you'll get:

  • The printed Student Pack, which includes 1 copy of the Student Book and 1 copy of the Activity Pad for this age level, shipped from our distribution center

Order either PDF download edition, and you'll get access to the following for 12 months:

  • The 10-student download edition, which includes digital files of each product for this age level, is limited to use for 1 teacher and 10 students at a single site. If you have more than 10 students, please order the 20-student edition.
  • The 20-student download edition, which includes digital files of each product for this age level, is for 1 teacher and 20 students at a single site.

This product license is good for 12 months. After 12 months, you must purchase another license. 

Notes about product download licensing:
  • Each downloaded file is intended to be used for printing classroom copies and use on a single computer or your teacher’s mobile devices only. The product’s text and artwork may not be extracted and/or reused in other materials without the express written permission of David C Cook.
  • The product is protected by copyright laws and is intended for non-commercial classroom use only. Your use is subject to the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) that accompanies the product files. Additional restrictions may apply.
  • This is a downloadable product—no physical product will ship. Downloadable products cannot be returned, sold, or relicensed. See the EULA for additional terms related to replacement files.

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ISBN-13: 9780784735923
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