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From sermons to Sunday school classes to leadership meetings, David C Cook has been providing pastors with trusted, biblically based resources for over 100 years. Find books on current topics, bible studies and commentaries from trusted theologians, resources to organize and lead your teams, and much more!

Popular Resources

The Good Book: Church Campaign Kit

The Good Book Church Campaign Kit is an easy-to-use, 8-week program that engages churches and age-appropriate small groups in the Bible's 40 biggest ideas and teaches how God's truths can transform their lives.

With resources for pastors, adult small groups, and kids, The Good Book Church Campaign Kit offers content that will get people engaged in the Bible and also provides additional assets to generate excitement all around the church and online.


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Vision Box

Affordable strategic planning for the small to mid-size church.

A simple, team-based resource delivered right to your door, and designed to help you clarify 5 key areas of your ministry by...

  • Providing practical teaching. Each video module is focused on actions your church can take.
  • Promoting focused discussion. This is a team-based resource intended to guide focused conversation.
  • Pushing you forward. VisionBox will push your ministry team to strategically plan for the future.
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christian minister templates

Christian Minister's Manual (Updated & Expanded Duotone)

Updated and expanded with 32 pages of additional content designed to meet the growing demands of busy pastors and ministers, the Christian Minister's Manual is an essential tool for ministers.

This DuoTone edition includes customizable templates for sermon building, orders of worship, programs, questionnaires, forms, and other resources to help meet the individual needs of each congregation. This essential tool for ministers features Scripture readings, sermons, outlines, and practical tips for:

  • Worship services
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Ordinations
  • Baptisms
  • Evangelism
  • and much more!
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