Reorder Service Options

At David C Cook, we're here to help you save time so you can do more ministry. Reordering quarterly curriculum each can be tedious, and sometimes stressful if the order is placed too late to arrive in-time. Let's face it, life is busy and deadlines slip past us.


If you're placing a first-time order with us, then you want to choose CURRICULUM in the menu above and select the brand of your choice. Not sure? Click here to find your personal ministry consultant who will guide you. Ministry consultants are friendly professionals who will help you select the right curriculum to fit your ministry. After you receive your first order, you will then be able to reorder for subsequent quarters from this page.


We have 2 programs for reorders:

  1. Reorder Program
    If you received a reorder form from David C Cook in the mail and need to place a new order for next quarter from that form  GO HERE.

  2. EZ Order Program
    If you are currently enrolled in our free EZ Order automatic shipment program and would like to adjust the order quantities or add to your order, then GO HERE.

When Can I make changes to my EZ Order Profile?

There are four periods during the year where you may update the EZ Order profile for your ministry. Changes will affect the next quarter we have not yet processed. The intervening 30-day periods are closed for updating due to EZ Order processing and shipping.

The following table shows dates where updating your profile open and close for each quarter.

Make changes for: Access opens: Access closes:

Fall Quarter

April 1st

May 31st

Winter Quarter

July 1st

August 31st

Spring Quarter

October 1st

November 30th

Summer Quarter

January 1st

February 28th

If you need assistance to place an order, use the chat feature to the right, or call our Ministry Service team at 1-800-323-7543. Agents are available Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm Mountain time (US and Canada only).


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