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Rio is a new family-friendly digital curriculum that helps churches and families foster a deeper relationship with God and a life of faith that is rich and full. Kids learn how to experience God, discern His voice, and know the Spirit’s powerful work in their lives.


Rio believes that our faith is a relational one, and that the best way to grow people in the faith is to help them deepen their relationship with God and others. We strive to engage relationships at all levels within your children's ministry-leader to child, child to child, child to parent, parent to leader-all within the context of a relationship with God.

This focus on knowing God will produce in children a desire to obey God-not obedience through their own power, but obedience through the power provided by the Holy Spirit. By keeping the focus on God and responding to Him, Rio strives to produce a transformational faith that will reproduce itself for generations to come.

Features and Resources

  • Product available in two different formats-an online digital subscription with downloadable resources and a DVD version
    • To order the DVD version contact Ministry Services at 800-426- 6596
  • Easy to follow weekly lessons
  • Videos, music, resources, and more
  • Shared quarterly themes, across all age levels
  • Flexible and affordable
  • 2 year scope and sequence
  • Early Elementary, Elementary, and Preteen available


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