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How to Build Strong Teachers

Every effective program at your church needs dedicated, faithful volunteers who show up every week—prepared and eager to teach. We believe confident and well-trained teachers are the cornerstone to your program. Confident teachers love to teach and serve for years instead of a few short weeks.

How do you put an effective training program in place?
Who has the right resources to do that?

At David C Cook, we have just what you need to train volunteers from nursery through adult. Now, all of your teachers can learn from the experts with these amazing resources, including Special Needs training! Get help on program administration, effective classroom organization and much more with Smart Pages. Train youth and adults with Training for Service.

Most of these resources have a first chapter download available. Take a look at each title and see the "Download a FREE Sample" link. 

Nursery Ministry Smart Pages

From $ 24.99

Teacher Training Smart Pages

$ 39.99

The Essential Book of Teacher Tips

$ 14.99
Currently unavailable

Teaching with Heart

$ 22.99


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