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Route 52

Reproducible. Hands-on. Relevant.

Reproducible Bible study curriculum for children of all ages! Complete lesson plans, plus all the reproducible patterns, handouts, and activity materials needed for 52 weeks of fun Bible learning—nothing else to buy. Available for four age groups–ages 3 & 4, ages 4–6, ages 6–8, and ages 8–12. Route 52 is excellent for Sunday school/weekend programs, children’s church, youth group, kids’ club, and midweek Bible study programs.

Age-appropriate activities include:

  • Ages 3 & 4: songs, rhymes, prayers, Bible story time, puzzles, and art center
  • Ages 4-6: crafts, songs, coloring, stickers, Bible story, and family ideas
  • Ages 6-8: games, dramas, crafts, cooking, and Bible reading and retelling
  • Ages 8-12: Bible memory, crafts, games, Bible reading, and object lessons

It’s Affordable
Everything you need for your lessons is included in the Route 52 Teacher Guides.

  • Complete lesson plans
  • Reproducible patterns, handouts, and activity materials
  • No student books needed

    See the Big Picture
    Learn more about Route 52 Bible study curriculum for kids. Review the Sample Overview and Scope & Sequence to see what Route 52 can do for the kids at your church!

    Try FREE Lessons
    Download these 4 lessons and try Route 52 for free.

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