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For more information on the Bible Stories, Unit Themes, and Lesson Focuses for the Red, Blue and Green editions of Noah's Park Children's Church, click on the links below.

Noah's Park Bible Usage Chart

The chart below details Bible usage within all three editions (Red, Blue and Green) of Noah's Park Children's Church

Noah's Park Correlation Charts

This useful resource shows you how to correlate the Green and Blue editions of Noah's Park Children's Church with David C Cook Bible-in-Life curriculum.


Noah's Park Downloadable Resources

To enhance your Children's Church experience, we offer the downloadable resources below.

The Park Patrol Flyer below is referenced in the Park Patrol Training Book.

The Memory Verse List shows the memory verses that are used in David C. Cook/Bible-in-Life curriculum that correlate and can be used in the Blue Edition of Noah's Park Children's Church.

Logos for Park Patrol t-shirts are available in two sizes: large for adults and small for children. The t-shirt logos are inverted to work with iron-on transfers.

 The Noah's Park Children's Church logo is also provided below and can be used for signs, posters, etc

Noah's Park Downloadable Samples



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