Experience a forty-day journey through forty key chapters of the Bible, and encounter the Bible in a brand new way!

Explore Each Week's Theme

Week 1: God is Good When Life Gets Messy

  • You’re More Like God Than You Think (Genesis 1)
  • When Everything Broke—Including You (Genesis 3)
  • Staying Afloat in Troubled Times (Genesis 6)
  • Faith Isn’t Safe (Genesis 12)
  • When God Asks Too Much (Genesis 22)

Week 2: God is Good When Life Gets Messy

  • On a First-Name Basis with God (Exodus 3)
  • When Life Seems Out to Get You (Exodus 14)
  • Ten Keys You Can’t Live Without (Exodus 20)
  • God Can Use Even Your Failures (Judges 16)
  • Why Hard Times Help (1 Samuel 17)

Week 3: Good Is Big

  • Making Sense of Your Suffering (Job 1)
  • Forget the Funeral—This Is Life! (Psalm 23)
  • Guilty but at Peace (Psalm 51)
  • God Is Closer Than You Think (Psalm 139)
  • Words of Wisdom (Proverbs 1)

Week 4: Tough Love, Troubled Times

  • The Real Face of Jesus (Isaiah 53)
  • Inferiority and Obedience (Jeremiah 1)
  • Whose Side Is God On? (Daniel 3)
  • Integrity under Fire (Daniel 6)
  • Man on the Run (Jonah 1)

Week 5: Jesus Has Just Entered the Building

  • Jesus—God with Skin On (John 1)
  • Welcome to Our World (Luke 2)
  • What Does Jesus Want? (Matthew 5)
  • Why Worry Never Works (Matthew 6)
  • Life over the Long Haul (Matthew 7)

Week 6: Jesus Won't Leave Us As We Are

  • Is Jesus Strong Enough? (Luke 8)
  • The Original Come-to-Jesus Meeting (John 3)
  • God Is Looking for What He Loves (Luke 15)
  • Every Scar Tells a Story (Mark 15)
  • Beating Death (Matthew 28)

Week 7: Following Jesus

  • Where Is Jesus Now? (Acts 1)
  • Happy Birthday to Us (Acts 2)
  • When Jesus Interrupts Your Life (Acts 9)
  • God Loves the People You Can’t Stand (Acts 10)
  • What Heaven Holds in Store (Revelation 22)

Week 8: God's message for You

  • Is God Ever Mean? (Romans 8)
  • More Than a Feeling (1 Corinthians 13)
  • Can God Change Your Character? (Galatians 5)
  • Straight Talk (James 1)
  • Becoming Your True Self (1 John 3)

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