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Action Bible Remixed - Action Bible Curriculum

The Action Bible Remixed

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The Action Bible REMIXED CD offers a powerful way for young listeners to enter in and express their worship to our amazing creator. These remixes beckon you to make a joyful sound! 

Samples of Songs

Let It Be Known [Remix]
Build Your Kingdom Here [Remix]
Great I AM [Remix]
(Featuring Milton Young & DJ Maj)
Open the Eyes of My Heart [Remix]
(Featuring L.E.D)
Friend of God [Remix]
(Featuring Stephan the Scientist & Liquid)
God's Great Dance Floor [Remix]
Spirit Break Out [Remix]
(Featuring Canton Jones)
Center of It All [Remix]
Like a Lion [Remix]
(Featuring KJ-52)
Today Is the Day [Remix]

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Category: MUS Single CD
ISBN: 57942
ISBN-13: 000768579428
Item #: 133888


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