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The Action Bible Scripture Memory Cards - ESV, NIV® or CSB - Print Quarter 2

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Scripture card packs feature weekly memory verses from The Action Bible Curriculum -Quarter 2. Available in the translation of your choice (ESV, NIV®, or CSB) packs include 65 cards, 5 cards for each of the 13 weekly verses. These illustrated cards feature original art from The Action Bible and include the memory verse and God Statement from the week’s lesson. Use these as both an in-class and take-home resource.

ISBN ESV Version: 9781434712448

ISBN NIV Version: 9780830772278

ISBN CSB Version: 9780830772261

  • Vendor: The Action Bible
  • Type: Classroom Resources

Product Details

Category: Teacher's Resource
ISBN: 1154-2-ES
ISBN-13: 9781434712448
Item #: 144443
Age Level: Grades 4-6


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