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Echoes | Adult Understanding the Bible Leader's Guide | Spring 2019

Echoes | Adult Understanding the Bible Leader's Guide | Spring 2019

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Step-by-step instructions to help teachers prepare and lead each lesson. Includes preparation activity for the teacher, Bible background material, lesson objectives, answers to study questions, and a variety of activities relating Bible truths to adult life. Reductions of the student book pages are included so teachers can easily see what students are reading and studying.

Need one per teacher.

  • This spring Adult Understanding the Bible theme is:
  • Repairing a Damaged Relationship
  • 2 Corinthians


  • Teacher preparation and guided lessons
  • Helpful summaries of the Scripture passage
  • Answers to the student questions
  • Extra activities that tie into the lesson
  • Maps, charts, and word studies

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Category: Teacher's Guide
ISBN: 5090-3
ISBN-13: 9781589194298
Item #: 192
Age Level: Adult


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