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Bible-In-Life | Toddler/2 | Wise Men Came to See Jesus

Bible-In-Life | Toddler/2 | Wise Men Came to See Jesus

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Wise Men Came to See Jesus

Wise Men came to see Jesus. Overview & Scripture References Age: 18–36 months, 2 and 3 year olds Grades: Toddler Bible Story: Jesus was a Special Baby Bible Characters: Wise Men, Jesus Scripture Translation: NIV Key Scripture Reference: Matthew 2:1–12 Memory Verse Reference: Language: English

Toddler Teacher’s Guide Toddler/2 Creative Teaching Aids Starting Steps Starting Steps is a student take-home publication that is like a family newsletter. Each weekly issue includes a short devotional for the busy parent, age-level tips, an amusing anecdote, and the interactive Bible story to be told over and over at home.

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