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Big Book of Bible Story Art Activities - Gospel Light

Big Book of Bible Story Art Activities

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Here are 100+ art activities for preschoolers! Each page of the Big Book of Bible Story Art Activities features an art activity on one side with a related Bible story to read aloud on the other! Every art activity has added enrichment options and conversation suggestions related to the Bible content.

Recommended for ages 8-12.

  • Training tips to help teach preschoolers effectively
  • Talk About section gives words to say that help kids understand Bible concepts
  • Activities are simple, fun, use common materials
  • Engage preschoolers in creating while you tell the story!

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  • The entire book in PDF format making it easy to store and reproduce pages

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Category: Book-Paperback Trade
ISBN: 0830733086
ISBN-13: 9780830733088
Item #: 139245
Age Level: Preschool - 5th Grade


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