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Bible Story Coloring Pages #2 - Gospel Light

Bible Story Coloring Pages #2

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More colorful ways to teach God's Word! Bible Story Coloring Pages #2 provides easy-to-use coloring pages to illustrate key events from over 100 major Bible stories, from the creation of the world in Genesis through the Acts of the Apostles and their New Testament letters. You'll find yourself using these convenient reproducible coloring pages over and over again, because your children will love coloring the pictures as they learn about God's Word! Indexed by scripture reference to find related activities easily.

Recommended for Ages 5 to 8.

Great for: After-school care, Bible story review, Children's Church, Constructing Bible time lines, Midweek church activities, Hospital/sickroom activities, Home schooling, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Summer camp. Reproducible manual.

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