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Biblical Choices - 1st Grade CD-ROM

Biblical Choices - 1st Grade CD-ROM

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In First Grade, students learn about The God of Possibilities and the following values: kindness, respecting others, forgiveness, and servant attitude.

Great for Christian School and Homeschool. View the Scope and Sequence here.

Series Description

Resource-filled CD, including:
  • master files for worksheets, skits, project directions, quizzes, and more
  • clip art to easily create backdrops, posters, signs, and more
  • music and sound effects appropriate for each lesson
  • weekly, customizable parent letters with details of each lesson (available editable in English and non-editable in Spanish)
  • test masters and assessment suggestions and directions

Administrators, teachers, and homeschoolers can be confident in Biblical Choices to integrate intentional, comprehensive Bible learning with an educational focus including systematic Bible study, tests, and assessments that complement the other subjects taught in the classroom.

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