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Bible-in-Life/Reformation Press | High School BLUEPRINT | Summer 2018

Bible-in-Life/Reformation Press | High School BLUEPRINT | Summer 2018

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This brand-new quarterly magazine takes the place of the former ID pamphlet and is the student component for your Bible-in-Life curriculum. Featuring the weekly Bible studies, articles for the Bible lesson, and "daily faith" devotionals for high school students to engage their faith throughout the week. Also includes quizzes and fun pieces filled with relevant topics and intense graphic appeal. Contains essential teaching tools to go with the Teacher's Commentary It's a perfect resource to initiate discussions between teens and parents, or teens and their friends, as well as for facilitating in-class study.

Need one per student plus extras for the classroom.


Over 50% new content
100% new design
Thirteen Bible Study Lessons
Thirteen weeks of Daily Faith Devotionals
Three to five feature length articles, written by education experts
Packed with fun stuff-charts, quizzes, trivia, humor, time slices, inspirational quotes, etc.
Great discussion starter for peer discussions and beyond

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